Sentinel Thematic Areas

Instruments carried aboard the Copernicus Sentinel satellites focus on different aspects of the Earth System.

The Sentinel missions provide a unique set of observations for the Copernicus programme, starting with the all-weather, day and night radar images from Sentinel-1, which are used for land and ocean services.
Sentinel-2 delivers high-resolution optical images for land services and Sentinel-3 provides data for services relevant to the ocean and land. Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5 will provide data for atmospheric composition monitoring from geostationary and polar orbits, respectively. The Sentinel-5 Precursor also measures the atmosphere, and was launched to provide data continuity between the end of the Envisat mission in 2012 and the future launch of Sentinel-4 and 5.
The applications fall into six main categories: services for land management, services for the marine environment, services relating to the atmosphere, services to aid emergency response, services associated with security and services relating to climate change.

List of thematic areas:


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