International research centers, Associations, Programmes and Universities

EOI principal engagement lies in the solving of global, continental and regional environment problems by using earth observation data and remote sensing techniques.

The cooperation with research institutions and universities maintain the level of the research and quality of standards defined by the establishment of the EOI.

  1. University of Prishtina
  2. Copernicus Programme
  3. GeoSEE
  4. Kosovo Geodetic Association
  5. International Association of Geodesy
  6. International Assiciation of Geomatic Engineers

Public Institutions

EOI is focused as well on the cooperation with different public parties in the field of land management, property rights, cadastre and geosciences. Our pool of experts are also engaged in the legislation analysis and support in order to contribute to the society and public bodies.

  1. Kosovo Cadastral Agency
  2. Independent Commission of Mines and Minerals
  3. Kosovo Statistical Office
  4. Kosovo Institute for Spatial Planning