Sentinel-2 Data Products

Sentinel-2 products available for users (either generated by the ground segment or by the Sentinel-2 Toolbox) are listed in the product types table.

NameHigh-Level DescriptionProduction & DistributionData Volume
Level-1CTop-Of-Atmosphere reflectances in cartographic geometrySystematic generation and online distribution⁓600MB (each 100km x 100km2)
Level-2ABottom-Of-Atmosphere reflectances in cartographic geometrySystematic and on-user side (using Sentinel-2 Toolbox)⁓800MB (each 100km x 100km2)
Sentinel-2 product types

Products are a compilation of elementary granules of fixed size, along with a single orbit. A granule is the minimum indivisible partition of a product (containing all possible spectral bands).

For Level-1C and Level-2A, the granules, also called tiles, are 100×100 km2 ortho-images in UTM/WGS84 projection. Download the Sentinel-2 tiling grid kml.

The UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) system divides the Earth’s surface into 60 zones. Each UTM zone has a vertical width of 6° of longitude and horizontal width of 8° of latitude.

Graphical Representation of Sentinel-2 Core Products